The Beginning

“It was a stormy night …”, well, yes, in fact, it was a ‘stormy night’.  My mother told me many times that I came into this world on a clap-of-thunder and a good deal of effort on her part.  For the longest time, I thought she was just being ‘poetic’, but then I found the meteorologic records for my birthdate.  Well, it was dark, since I was introduced to the world around 2.30AM in the morning.  But as to ‘dark and stormy’ … well, one out of two ain’t bad.  😉

So my life, as a ‘human being outside my mother’s womb’, began on Tuesday, November 11, 1952.  This auspicious moment occurred in the Williamsport, Indiana Hospital, in that little berg of Williamsport. A couple of days later, I went ‘home’ to where I would grow up from birth to age 18;

On the banks of Big Pine Creek,
I took my rightful place
To live and wonder the hill and hollers,
In search of  my connection to nature’s beat
Walking miles with nose to ground
Taking in the world around.

And so it began.  Living on the little farm, at the break between the woods and prairie, in western Indiana.  No finer ground could a kid be so privileged to call his, Home Ground.


One response to “The Beginning

  1. Beautiful post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And, yes, one of two isn’t bad at all. I was born at 3 in the afternoon, so no dark and stormy night for me.

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